: "Making The Grade?"


"Grades are coming soon,

do you know what you're getting?

you should know every class,

instead of worrying or fretting!

To avoid any surprise,

or even some taunts.....

you should "ask your teacher",

so the grade is one you want.

Are you performing "up to par"?

or below your capabilities.....

if this is true, you haven't fullfilled,

your responsibilities!

If you approve of your "ranking",

and the grade you have "earned"....

There's a teacher you should be "thanking",

for all that you have learned!

If you want to improve, have no fear...

you gotta "work hard", and learn to "persevere"!

You must be here daily, and "focus" the best you can....

and start doing your "homework", and start being a man! (or woman)

You've got to quit, blaming someone else....

and point your finger, at yourself?

The effort needed, to "make the grade"....

is well-worth the price, that needs to be paid!

It's all about "time-management",

and sometimes "extra credit.....

make the time to "study",

and I promise you won't regret it!

Coach A

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