"Losing Weight"


When we're talking extra pounds,
we all could lose a few....
The problem is,
most don't know what to do!

The experts reccommend,
"exercise and diet"....
the problem is,
most won't try it!

Either one by itself,
works really really well.....
but when you combine the two,
the 'results" you'll start to tell!

We can get the ball rolling,
spending 15 minutes a day....
starting an "exercise program",
that might include some play!

Reduce your consumption of sugars,
and eat more "veggies and fruit"....
your "meal size" should be smaller,
or it makes the whole effort moot!

The secret is to do it "daily",
and you'll be less of a grouch....
we all have the freedom to chose,
so get the potatoe off of the couch!

Coach A

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