People who have "Character",
simply do what is "right"...
they're "honest" and "trustworthy",
with a reputation that's "tight"!

They listen closely,
to their "inner voice"....
which helps 'em make,
an "honorable" choice!

They are "reliable" and "dependable".....
with "moral excellance",
that is indeed commendable!

One thing about "character",
you should know....
It follows you around,
wherever you go!

So if your'e not sure,
exactly what to do....
act like the whole world,
is looking at you!

If your decision,
is something you must hide...
youv'e "compromised" your character,
because you have lied!

Practice doing the "right" thing,
it'll soon become a habit...
and when the opportunity comes,
be courageous and grab it!

Coach A

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