" Active Listening "


The best way to improve understanding, is to genuinely listen....
it shows respect and appreciation, and very little you'll be missin!

It's an important part of communication, a valuable skill to know.....
when you practice "active listening", it's how we learn and grow!

Try to understand the person's feelings, or ask 'em to say it again....
give 'em time to express themselves, and do it without cuttin- in!

It's ok to ask questions, it helps clarify meaning....
we paraphrase the words, and reflect on the gleaning!

Do not get upset or angry, and don't argue the facts....
pay attention and stay quiet, and listen-up to the max!

Also listen to what NOT is said, and watch for "non-verbal" clues....
It's polite to hear the speaker out, and rude if you refuse!

Remember, "active listening" improves relationships.......
we should practice it everyday....

we show others we appreciate them,
by listening to what they have to say!

Coach A

" Parental Involvement "


"Parental involvement", can be a valuable tool.....
to determine the success, of a child in school!

When parents participate, they're showing concern....
the message to the kids, is that it's important to learn!
Parental support, can be shown many different ways.....
volunteering, serving on committees, or joining the P.T.S.A!

Attending "open House", and events like "Back to School"....
are fulfilling your role, and should become the rule!

The parent stays connected, and demonstrates respect....
encouraging words and guidance, is what the child expects!

Parents and teachers together, form a most powerful team....
When they work together, it helps the child's esteem!

So the level of "parental involvement", becomes an accurate sign....
a more important factor in education, would be most difficult to find!

Coach A

"Virginia Tech "


This poem was hard to write, and to read you'll need to be strong......

it's about a senseless trajedy, when behaviors go so wrong!

It was at "Virginia Tech", 32 innocent lives were taken....
the worse mass-killing in history, the whole nation was shaken!

Apparently a deranged young man, whos mind was lost....
went on a shooting rampage, at a horrible cost!

The victims were random, his plan was to kill....
it turned into a massacre, he shot them at will!

This was just 4 days before, the anniversary of Columbine....
when 15 souls were lost, back in nineteen ninety-nine!

There were stories of heroism, as some sacrificed their lives....
our heart goes out to all, who lost sons daughters or wives!

We all just shake our heads, with a sense of shared grief....
How could this have happened? An atrocity beyond belief!

Today, we are all Hokies, as we gather and mourne......
we share their sense of loss, and feelings of forlorn!

So we hug our loved ones closer, and take a reality check....
just know you're in our prayers, to all at "Virginia Tech" !

Coach A

" It's OK to Cry "


It's ok to cry,
cuz you're feelin kinda bad.....
we all have those days,
when we're feelin sorta sad!

It's ok to cry,
so let the tears spill....
it'll be a sense of relief,
your frustrations start to heal!

It's ok to cry,
it's an expression of emotion....
feeling over-whelmed,
spilling over like an ocean!

It's ok to cry,
support is right around the corner....
encouragement is offered,
to any type of mourner!

It's ok to cry,
the tears sooth the sadness....
it's one of life's passages,
when aiming for gladness!

So if you're under pressure,
and you're not sure why....
no need to feel embarrassed,
it's ok to cry!

Coach A

"Losing Weight"


When we're talking extra pounds,
we all could lose a few....
The problem is,
most don't know what to do!

The experts reccommend,
"exercise and diet"....
the problem is,
most won't try it!

Either one by itself,
works really really well.....
but when you combine the two,
the 'results" you'll start to tell!

We can get the ball rolling,
spending 15 minutes a day....
starting an "exercise program",
that might include some play!

Reduce your consumption of sugars,
and eat more "veggies and fruit"....
your "meal size" should be smaller,
or it makes the whole effort moot!

The secret is to do it "daily",
and you'll be less of a grouch....
we all have the freedom to chose,
so get the potatoe off of the couch!

Coach A

"What Can Parents Do?"


What can parents do,
to help their kids succeed?.....
boosting academic achievement,
seems worthy, yes indeed!

Do they have a quiet place,
for homework and to study?....
you should turn-off the television,
and no phone calls from their buddy!

Check their agenda daily,
ask questions, and make 'em explain....
it helps develop communication skills,
the benefits will outweigh the pain!

When they say "I don't have homework",
it may or may not be true....
either way they should be reading",
or even spending time with you!
So the answer to the question,
What can parents do?
read with your child, and love 'em alot,
and support their teachers too!
Coach A

"Good Hygiene "


A funny thing happens,
as we get a little older....
we get a little stronger,
and smell a little bolder!

So we use deoderant,
and bathe everyday....
and put on clean clothes,
so the smell goes away!

We need to brush our teeth,
and learn how to "floss"....
it prevents bad breath,
and possible tooth loss!

We practice "good-hygiene" habits,
it's easier than it seems......
it's all part of growing-up,
and building "self-esteem"!

Coach A

"Don't Play With Guns "


Another senseless tragedy,
took place the other day....
some kids found a gun,
and decided they would play!

A terrible accident occurred,
even though the gun was hidden.....
kids tend to be curious,
and will seek-out the forbidden!

"Don't play with guns",
we always advise our kids....
but some refuse to listen,
as a young life hits the skids!

It's just so tragic,
we've lost one from our flock....
and it might've been avoided,
with a "child-safety lock"!

A good rule of thumb,
is just DO NOT TOUCH......
cuz life is too precious,
and we love you so much!

Coach A

" Crosswalk Safety "


We use a "crosswalk" to cross the road,
it's a "specially marked path"....
there's certain things you should know,
it's as important as reading or math!

When using a crosswalk,
you should look both ways....
always make it a habit,
both at night and days!

If your'e at a signal,
you should wait 'till it's green....
make eye contact with the drivers,
and make certain your'e seen!

You don't want to "jaywalk",
or cross when it's red......
cuz you might get injured,
or even worse-off dead!

Don't just charge out there,
and stay between the lines....
you don't want a ticket,
and you'll avoid the fines!

Practice good manners,
and always "hurry along"....
cuz moving slow is rude,
in other words, plain wrong!

So when your'e using a crosswalk,
always listen to the crossing guard....
it pays to make good choices,
be smart, it's not that hard!

Coach A



Don't be a "litterbug",
they throw trash on the ground....
acting disrespectful,
causing others to frown!

We just shake our heads,
and wonder why?
the "litterbug" thinks it's funny,
yet we wanna cry!

It takes a special person,
to throw trash in a can...
.it's courteous to our environment,
which is everybody's land!

So show your level of
by tossing your rubbish and refuse....

It's against the law, after all,
and it's your decision to choose!

Coach A

"Name Calling"


Something curious happens,
When you call someone a "name"...
they never quite get over it,
nor look at you the same!

You might as well "punch" 'em,
there really is no excuse....
your'e verbally assaulting them,
"round here, we call that "abuse"!

So don't just shrug your shoulders,
and say" it's no big deal"....
the damage done by your "carelessness",
cause "bruises" that may never heal!

If others consider the words you use,
to be rude or rather appalling.....
It'll be hard to make new friends,
just because of your "name calling"!

So make a pact with yourself,
to always use language that's "kind"....
folks will be attracted to you,
a nicer person, you will not find!

Coach A

: "Making The Grade?"


"Grades are coming soon,

do you know what you're getting?

you should know every class,

instead of worrying or fretting!

To avoid any surprise,

or even some taunts.....

you should "ask your teacher",

so the grade is one you want.

Are you performing "up to par"?

or below your capabilities.....

if this is true, you haven't fullfilled,

your responsibilities!

If you approve of your "ranking",

and the grade you have "earned"....

There's a teacher you should be "thanking",

for all that you have learned!

If you want to improve, have no fear...

you gotta "work hard", and learn to "persevere"!

You must be here daily, and "focus" the best you can....

and start doing your "homework", and start being a man! (or woman)

You've got to quit, blaming someone else....

and point your finger, at yourself?

The effort needed, to "make the grade"....

is well-worth the price, that needs to be paid!

It's all about "time-management",

and sometimes "extra credit.....

make the time to "study",

and I promise you won't regret it!

Coach A

"The Apology"


Did you ever have to say you're sorry,
but not exactly know how?.....
well, the time has finally come,
You're gonna learn it now!

You need to be "sincere",
so you "look 'em in the eyes"....
acknowledging your wrong choices,
you "humbly" apologize!

You should feel some regret,
or what they call "remorse",
you guareentee it" won't happen again",
and seek "forgiveness" of course!

This is a skill you're not born with.....
so it is something that you must "learn".....
cuz when you say "I'm sorry",
"RESPECT" is what you have earned!

So the first step is to say "I'm sorry",
"my bad"... "I wont do it again"......
It's actually quite "admirable",
and the first step to making a "friend"!

Coach A



People who have "Character",
simply do what is "right"...
they're "honest" and "trustworthy",
with a reputation that's "tight"!

They listen closely,
to their "inner voice"....
which helps 'em make,
an "honorable" choice!

They are "reliable" and "dependable".....
with "moral excellance",
that is indeed commendable!

One thing about "character",
you should know....
It follows you around,
wherever you go!

So if your'e not sure,
exactly what to do....
act like the whole world,
is looking at you!

If your decision,
is something you must hide...
youv'e "compromised" your character,
because you have lied!

Practice doing the "right" thing,
it'll soon become a habit...
and when the opportunity comes,
be courageous and grab it!

Coach A

" Responsibility "


As a small child, we are mostly told what to do....
..what to eat, what to wear, and the diff. 'tween false and true!

So when we get older, we're able to chose wrong from right....
we become more "responsible", our future looking bright!

You'll need to be trustworthy, that is undeniable....
fulfilling your obligations, makes you more reliable!

You demonstrate "responsibility", by making good choices....
you're helpful and dependable, and the whole team rejoices!

So do your homework and chores, you shouldn't have to be told....
willingly help-out around the house, even if you're five years old!

It involves accountability, I'm sure you have heard....
you're given "responsibility", when folks can trust your word!

It's all part of growing-up, we learn more every day.....
you become responsible, by what you do and say!

Coach A