Kaitlyn's Law


The day was January 1, and the year was 2002…..

"Kaitlyn's Law" became effective, telling us what to do!


It's now against the law, to leave a child 6 and under…

Unattended in a car, you shouldn't have to wonder!


The temperature rises quickly, and  it might take a miracle….

To save a young life, if left in a motor vehicle!


This is a safety matter, it's certainly not a joke….

Hyperthermia is dangerous, as deadly as a stroke!


"Kaitlyn's Law" is in memory, of little Katie Russell…

Who was somehow left behind, in all the hustle and bustle!


She inspires "Purple Ribbon Month", at this time every year…

To educate and increase awareness, the message is very clear!


Never leave a child alone, or unattended in a car….

It doesn't matter for how long, no matter where you are!


Helping spread this message, is a wise choice to make…

You could be a hero, for all of our kid's sake!



Coach A