FW: "Good Communication"

 One good skill to know,
Is the art of Good Communication...
It's exchanging one's thoughts and ideas,
And it results in clarification!
We'll need to listen closely,
And look at the one who speaks...
You might miss something important,
And catching-up might take weeks!
We'll need to speak clearly,
And use a proper tone...
You might need to speak-up,
Or you might be on the phone!
If you watch and observe closely,
You'll pick-up on non-verbal clues...
You'll soon begin to understand,
And respect other's point of view!
So if you want some good advice,
Than you should take it from me...
When you have Good Communication,
In the dark you'll no longer be!
Coach A


The F.I.T.T. Principle

 If you wanna start exercising,
And keep it rather sensible...
Then you should take a moment,
And learn the F.I.T.T. Principle!
The "F" stands for FREQUENCY of exercise;
Most days of the week (at least five)...
You're taking positive steps,
To lead a more healthy life!
The "I" stands for INTENSITY of exercise;
Work at a rate that makes it hard to sing...
But not so intense,
That you can't say a thing!
The "T" is for TIME,
How many minutes per session...
(30-50 min.) is recommended,
Remember that as today's lesson!
The other "T" is for TYPE of activity;
It's important to choose something that's FUN...
It should work the major muscle groups,
And remember to tighten your buns!
So now you know the F.I.T.T. Principle,
Use it as you "make your plan"...
Coach A admires your effort,
He'll be the first to give you a hand!
Coach A