" Crosswalk Safety "


We use a "crosswalk" to cross the road,
it's a "specially marked path"....
there's certain things you should know,
it's as important as reading or math!

When using a crosswalk,
you should look both ways....
always make it a habit,
both at night and days!

If your'e at a signal,
you should wait 'till it's green....
make eye contact with the drivers,
and make certain your'e seen!

You don't want to "jaywalk",
or cross when it's red......
cuz you might get injured,
or even worse-off dead!

Don't just charge out there,
and stay between the lines....
you don't want a ticket,
and you'll avoid the fines!

Practice good manners,
and always "hurry along"....
cuz moving slow is rude,
in other words, plain wrong!

So when your'e using a crosswalk,
always listen to the crossing guard....
it pays to make good choices,
be smart, it's not that hard!

Coach A

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