" It's OK to Cry "


It's ok to cry,
cuz you're feelin kinda bad.....
we all have those days,
when we're feelin sorta sad!

It's ok to cry,
so let the tears spill....
it'll be a sense of relief,
your frustrations start to heal!

It's ok to cry,
it's an expression of emotion....
feeling over-whelmed,
spilling over like an ocean!

It's ok to cry,
support is right around the corner....
encouragement is offered,
to any type of mourner!

It's ok to cry,
the tears sooth the sadness....
it's one of life's passages,
when aiming for gladness!

So if you're under pressure,
and you're not sure why....
no need to feel embarrassed,
it's ok to cry!

Coach A

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