"The Apology"


Did you ever have to say you're sorry,
but not exactly know how?.....
well, the time has finally come,
You're gonna learn it now!

You need to be "sincere",
so you "look 'em in the eyes"....
acknowledging your wrong choices,
you "humbly" apologize!

You should feel some regret,
or what they call "remorse",
you guareentee it" won't happen again",
and seek "forgiveness" of course!

This is a skill you're not born with.....
so it is something that you must "learn".....
cuz when you say "I'm sorry",
"RESPECT" is what you have earned!

So the first step is to say "I'm sorry",
"my bad"... "I wont do it again"......
It's actually quite "admirable",
and the first step to making a "friend"!

Coach A

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