If your behavior needs correcting, or you choose to break a rule…

You'll probably get disciplined, cuz that's not allowed in school!


We should expect orderly conduct, as YOU demonstrate self-control…

Then WE don't have to step in, and that should be your goal!


So if you practice Self-Discipline, you've taught yourself how to act….

You know how to behave, you're growing-up and learning tact!


Now, if the task at hand is tough, you might need to knuckle down…

You'll need to stay disciplined, so you won't lose any ground!


Yes, folks will be impressed, if intervention is'nt needed…

You know  rules are important, your habits have become deep-seated!


So, no more tantrums, and stop your whining….

We know you can do this, so step up and start shining!



Coach A



Coach A






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