" Civil War "

We are gathered here today, to re-enact a war….

So pay close attention, you're about to learn some more!

It was over a hundred years ago, around 1865…

America was in a "civil war", she was trying to survive!


It was the North against the South, the blue vs. the gray…

Four years of fighting, came down to one day!

The battle of Gettysburg, and the charge of General Pickett….

It would unite our Country; it must've been the ticket!


It was one fateful order, given by General Lee….

The North would prevail, soon all would be free!

Folks would say later, what the heck was he thinking?

"A more perfect union formed", would say President Lincoln!


Today you honor those soldiers, by marching and drilling….

You practice your jodies, and remember the killing!

More Americans were lost, than all other wars combined…

We paid a heavy price, with broken dreams left behind!


So thank you students, both present and past…

Your actions today, are how memories last!

We stand together now, as a tribute to that day….

In the land of the free, God Bless the U.S.A!



Coach A

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