Learning How To Throw

One skill needed for softball,
is Learning How To Throw...
So read these words from Coach,
He'll explain what you should know!
To throw the ball correctly,
hold your fingers across the seams...
It's not a minor detail,
It's more important than it seems!
Now point your glove towards your target,
As you make a quarter turn...
You're now in position to throw,
But there's a little more to learn!
As you take your arm back,
It should form an "L"...
fingers pointing away,
You're ready to let one sail!
Now aim towards your target,
As you step with your opposite shoe...
Go ahead, give it a try,
And remember to follow-thru!
Now you just need practice,
And your confidence will grow...
Soon you'll be teaching others,
About Learning How To Throw!
Coach A

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