FW: "A New Year's Resolution"



"A New Year's Resolution", is like a promise to yourself…

It's about a better life, and usually improves your health!


It's a public declaration, or a well-intentioned vow…

A statement of determination, the time to start is now!


Coach has some advice, to help keep you on track…

Focus on your goals; don't let failure hold you back!


Write down your resolution, and have a plan for achieving it…

Act fast and have faith, it's a matter of believing it!


Don't bite-off more than you can chew… just

Choose one or two goals, something you WANT to do!


Track small progress, improvement will often stall…

Think about the long-term, cuz you're in for the long haul!


If you fall off the wagon, there's no need for confusion….

Get right back on, to resolve a "New Year's Resolution"!



Coach A


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