" Just Say No "

NOTE:   Students of CFIS... Earn an "early lunch" pass or a "cruising" pass for writing a poem!  Go ahead and give it a try...
 Write a poem of two stansas or eight lines, give it to Coach A, and receive one of the gifts listed above... deadline is Christmas break.  Good Luck, Coach A









It occurs every October, around the third week….

Students gather and pledge, to remain drug-free!


During "red ribbon week", we're taught to "just say no"….

We learn right from wrong, and this will help us grow!


We wear red ribbons, and we'll have a "wear red" day…

Remaining drug-free, is really the best way!


We are taught refusal skills, which will help us cope….

By making good choices, it truly gives us hope!


So when you battle peer-pressure, it's always good to know…

The "right" thing is the "hardest" thing, so "just say no"!



Coach A

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